5 Ways to reduce the risk of injury from broken glass windows and doors

May 5, 2015
Glass window shattered From stormy weather to kids playing ball games, eventually a broken door or window is inevitable.   When the unexpected happens its essential to handle broken glass safely until professional help arrives. Follow these top tips from the professional glazing team at NGS for handling broken glass without injury:  
  1. Before attempting to clean up broken glass secure the area, keeping children and pets well away from the area will keep them safe.
  2. Check the extent of broken glass debris, often when a window or door breaks the majority of the broken glass may be on one side of the frame, make sure you check both sides, internally and externally to the original frame.
  3. Everyone involved in the clean up must be wearing closed shoes to avoid injury.
  4. Never handle broken glass with your bear hands, especially large panes or shards of glass that can easily slip and fall. Put on heavy-duty safety or leather gloves to protect against injury.
  5. Never clean up broken glass using tea towels, kitchen sponges or household mops as they can harbor microscopic glass fragments. Instead use a few layers of wet paper towel and discard them safely or a slice of fresh bread that will be thrown straight in the bin afterwards.
  Glass is dangerous. It’s best to secure the area without touching anything and call for professional help.   When you need emergency glass repairs and replacement, NGS are fast with glass.   Call us on 1300 651 996 any time of the day or night and speak to a real person and we’ll arrange for one of our professional glaziers who’ll arrive onsite within 1 hour to make your place safe and secure.   For non-emergency glass repair or replacement fill in the contact form on the right or email sales@ngsglass.com.au.
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