Double-glazing is well worth a double-take (especially with the expected 18% jump in energy bills due to the carbon tax)

May 5, 2015
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In many countries around the world double-glazed windows and doors are either standard or compulsory because of their numerous cost and energy saving benefits. These benefits are enjoyed by the individual home owner and help in the much bigger picture of the sustainability of our planet.

Benefits of double-glazing

There are numerous reasons why you should seriously consider having double-glazing installed at your place. These include:

  • Keeps the HEAT out and the COOL in during summer, saving you money on air-conditioning
  • Keeps the COLD out and the HEAT in during winter, saving you money on heating bills
  • Reduces NOISE levels from traffic, aircraft and noisy neighbours
  • Reduces your household carbon emissions to help create a healthier planet
  • Enjoy more money in your pocket by significantly reducing your energy bills
  • Enjoy year round comfort with a more constant temperatures in your home
  • Increases the resale value of your property
  • Who needs double-glazing?

    The simple answer is; who doesn’t need double-glazing?

    ✓    Are you building a new home?

    ✓    Are you renovating an old house?

    ✓    Are you extending your current residence?

    ✓    Are you wanting to reduce noise from traffic, aircraft and noisy neighbours

    ✓    Are you wanting to significantly reduce your energy bills?

    What’s double-glazing cost?

    Yes, double-glazing costs a little more, and the life-time of savings and extra comfort it provides year after year far out-weights any extra upfront cost which will soon be forgotten.

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    • John Francis

      Great article, I’ve had double glazing for a few months and I already noticed the savings in energy costs. Just be careful which company you use. A friend of mine had her upvc frames start giving out and was told she had to but new ones. Most companies give some sort of warranty, I think 10 years is reasonable. Really happy with the job done by these guys if anyone is in Sydney